Prosight International Eye Foundation

Pro-Sight International Eye Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on eliminating preventable and avoidable blindness by providing access to quality, accessible, affordable and sustainable eye care services to all.

Everyone needs proper eye medication

Our goal as an organization is to improve the quality of life by eliminating avoidable blindness, provide a platform for combating avoidable blindness and promote a culture of proper eye health at all levels in the society.

About our outreaches

Our community outreach which is our major programme is carried out in two folds, which are; In- community outreach and In-foundation outreach:

The In-community outreach involves our team of doctors and nurses being transported to the approved location in the community and setting up a mobile clinic where beneficiaries are screened, given medications, glasses and operated on by the doctors. This outreach involves accommodating the team in cases where the communities are distant from Port Harcourt. This outreach may vary from 2 days to 1 week.

The In-foundation on the other hand involves a part of our team coming down to the community to screen beneficiaries for surgery cases with surgery patients being our focus. In this case, the patients are booked for surgeries and transported to our facility in Port Harcourt for the surgery.



We have seen firsthand the debilitating nature of blindness on the quality of life: the sudden loss of livelihood for families; psychological trauma; social isolation; and strain on families, and are passionate about changing this trend.

Our purpose is to provide eye care services and instill a culture of healthy eye in the lives of middle and low income earners through regular checkups.






Eliminating avoidable blindness, one eye at a time

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